The Wimmera region is prone to prolonged dry periods, therefore we capitalise on all rainfall. The organic matter we have continually built back into the soils over the past three decades acts as a reservoir that retains the moisture. Amongst the humus lives a plethora of life including invertebrates and micro-organisms.

Our competitive advantage is that be it a good season, or a dry season, we continually produce consistent yields.

We collaborate with agronomists to analyse our soils, we then use the science to determine the crop we will sow for the season in a specific areas of the farm.

Common grains we grow include wheat, durum and barley, we also plant canola and legumes like lentils and faba beans.

Pesticide Residue Free

Our grains and legumes are stored in Pesticide Residue Free (PRF) silos as part of our integrated pest management which reduces pesticides from entering the food supply chain.

Silos are equipped with sensors that monitor and provide real-time reporting of conditions within each silo to ensure our grains and legumes are stored precisely.


Glenvale Farms has the capacity to supply and transport our grains, seeds and legumes across Australia with our fleet of B-Double tippers.