Glenvale Farm is located 35km North-east of Horsham in the heart of the Wimmera wheatbelt.

The Ruwoldt dynasty began when they acquired land at Kewell near Horsham in the 1880’s.


  • Justin & Katie Ruwoldt

    2015 - Present

    Justin & Katie took over the day to day operations of Glenvale Farm in 2015. Together with their 4 children, the farm has grown to over 4000ha and continue father Robert’s legacy of research and development in the no-till agricultural system.

  • Robert & Wendy Ruwoldt

    Robert & Wendy Ruwoldt

    1985 - 2015

    Robert & Wendy built the residence at Glenvale Farm in 1985 to raise their family.

    After growing up using traditional farming practices, Robert challenged the status quo and started experimenting with the no-till methodology of farming, becoming a pioneer of the technique in the Wimmera.

    Over the subsequent 3 decades Robert has continued to refine and perfect the farming systems.